“Sorting” toilets and sewers

“Sorting” toilet bowls are a very controversial engineering find, the introduction of which is being talked about in Western Europe. Such toilets will separate urinary and fecal masses and send them to different sewers. This is proposed to be done in order to facilitate the recycling of waste. From urine, processing plants will extract nitrogen and phosphorus for fertilizer, and feces can be used to generate biogas. There are already such enterprises in Europe, but their development is hindered by the need to separate liquid and solid waste. If you want to order sewer flushing, we recommend that you follow the link below.

Despite the obvious expediency of the invention and its benefits in the “greening” of the industry, disputes about sorting toilets do not stop. Skeptics believe that the massive introduction of such devices involves doubling the existing sewer lines, and this is mountains of construction work and high costs. Experts, however, reassure them: the length of the mains will remain the same, it’s just that each pipe will have a partition inside, making it look like a two-wire wire. Each “vein” is intended for one type of waste.

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