Heating installation. Dnepropetrovsk

Installation of heating in Dnepropetrovsk is a complex of works on installation and commissioning of equipment, as well as putting it into operation at the facility.  High-quality production and transfer of heat from the main unit to individual rooms can only be guaranteed if a professional approach is provided to each stage of installation operations.

Scope of work on the installation of heating in g. Dnepropetrovsk

Studying the object and setting tasks for execution.

Design of each stage of the installation process.

Calculation of consumables.

Formation of terms of complex installation of heating.

Announcement of the preliminary cost of all work required for execution.

Additional services related to heating installation in Dnepropetrovsk

In addition to the listed main events, the specialists of Avtonomka in Dnepropetrovsk will assist you in the following matters:

We will help in choosing all the components of the heating system individually for your living conditions.

You do not have to run around the shops to buy the desired unit – you can do it with us in Dnepropetrovsk.

We will deliver the necessary equipment to the facility, install it, and also advise on the most productive and safe operation.

The price of installation of autonomous heating in Dnepropetrovsk

Some items from the Avtonomka price list:

Installation of heating batteries – from 200 UAH per unit.

Boiler installation. For a wall-mounted electric and gas unit, the cost of its adjustment starts from 800 UAH.

Water heated floor is available for you from 50 UAH/m2.

Installation of boilers (electric and indirect heating) – from 500 and 1500 UAH, respectively.

Installation of each individual element is carried out by Avtonomka specialists in accordance with the technology. Thanks to this, we can talk about improving the operation of the entire system as a whole, as well as extending its service life.

Work on the installation of heating in Dnepropetrovsk is carried out by us both within the city and in its regional districts. For more information about the composition of installation measures, their cost, or regarding questions of a different nature, call Avtonomka by phone: 067 6117575 or 0957318640.

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