Installation of windows in new buildings in Moscow is carried out with violations

Only in the third quarter of the outgoing year, specialists from Mosgosstroynadzor revealed 77 violations of the rules for installing double-glazed windows. It would seem that the figure is not very impressive for a metropolis, even taking into account the decline in the construction of multi-storey residential buildings in Moscow. But if we take into account that in total during this period an expert check was carried out in 81 new buildings, the nature of the violations becomes not just massive, but almost total. Installation and dismantling of the shower cabin can also be carried out with violations. But, as a rule, this kind of practice is still more rare.  As a rule, contractors involved in the installation of plumbing are much more responsible. However, it should actually be the other way around. Yes, and documents from self-respecting companies are in order.

But most of the violations consisted in the absence of any documents from the developer confirming the quality of window blocks. This is a gross violation, the presence of such certificates in Mosgosstroynadzor is paid attention first of all. The lack of proper executive documentation also belongs to gross violations. In addition, at 14 objects, the installation of window blocks was carried out in violation of the necessary requirements, and at 16, the developers neglected the compliance of the components and the structure.

In total, Mosgosstroynadzor issued 67 instructions obliging to eliminate violations and collected more than 2.5 million rubles in fines from violators. Data for the last quarter of 2012 will be available at a later date.

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