How to make yourself miss

When a man does not make himself felt for quite a long time, the girl begins to ask a lot of questions. Where did he disappear to and why he doesn’t call or write and so on. Of course, male psychology is not easy to understand. Is it possible to make a man begin to yearn for you and he has a strong desire to call you. Of course, you can, it is only important to know what and how to do it.

How to make yourself miss

Try to imagine as accurately as possible the man whose call or visit you are waiting for. You need to imagine every feature and facial expression of the person you want to miss you. Try to feel the connection that exists between you. Think about whether you really need this person so much. Do you really need this person to yearn for you so much?. Do not forget that a man will miss you only if he has some feelings for you, if he also likes you. After you have clearly imagined your beloved, then try to imagine where he can be at a given time and what he can do.

Try to analyze the situation. The fact is that perhaps a man really misses and yearns for you at the moment, but he simply does not have the opportunity to come to you or call. Perhaps he is distracted by some important matters or he has problems that he is currently solving and simply cannot drop everything and come.

Think about exactly what feelings can make this man miss you and, in the end, call. Try to convey just such feelings to this man mentally. According to experts, many manage to mentally convey feelings.

How to make yourself miss

Do not forget about the traditional, albeit controversial ways. For example, you can turn off your phone, or stop accessing social networks. In other words, create the illusion of your complete absence. But on the other hand, how can you know in this case that a man misses and yearns for you. After all, he can write and call, but you won’t know about it, at least not right away.

Of course, many people are familiar with this situation. When you want the person you have feelings for to start yearning for you and thinking about you. But it’s worth considering that if this person is really dear to you, maybe you need to leave your pride. And, for example, call yourself and tell the man you like that you miss him.

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